Discover the Power of Beeswax

Our bee creams contain 100% pure beeswax, with anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits, all helping to promote healthier skin

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Hand Made All Natural Skin Care Using Pure Beeswax

Our goal is to provide all natural skincare made from high quality, responsibly sourced ingredients. We use pure beeswax because we consider it a Super Ingredient, containing naturally occurring anti-bacterial, moisturizing, and healing properties. Because you should feel comfortable that what you're putting on your skin is safe, and effective!

To give back, all profits made from the sale of our bee creams go towards a wonderful charity, Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers.

Face Cream


Customer reviews

I am loving this face cream!!!! I use at night and my face is so soft and smooth in the morning! I was extremely nervous to try because my face is so sensitive and I have Rosacea...this face cream is the BEST thing I have used!!!


Coming from a person who has tried virtually everything to improve the quality of my skin.. This product is fantastic! Although the cream seems a bit thick, I went ahead started applying it before bed each night. The typical redness that I have become accustomed to has vanished, my face is clear, and the overall health of my skin is better than ever. I highly recommend this product.


Replaced my intensive Sephora moisturizers w/ this and not going back. Price is way better too.


I've been using Monkey Business Farm's Hand & Body Cream (unscented) and I totally love it! It is rich, healing, and amazingly protective for my hands, face, even my feet. This is a very pure, natural product that is soothing, nourishing and luxurious...all from bee power. Highly recommended!


My skin is very sensitive, so I am very particular about the products I use - especially on my face. I use it on dry areas that need more intensive moisturizing and also under my eyes. It is also an amazing hand cream (I keep a jar at my desk) and smells delicious! I highly recommend adding it to your daily skincare routine!


I get small patches of eczema around my eyes and instead of cortisone I put bee cream twice a day and it's all cleared up!! My regular lotion doesn't do that!!

Katie from Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers

All Profits Donated to Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers

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